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My fitness and nutritional experience has helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals.  I would love to help you reach your goals by providing you the motivation, education, and knowledge. I will continue to provide you support and encouragement as you reach and attain the those goals. ~Charity


“I would like to express my appreciation of my personal fitness trainer, Charity.  I must first point out that I am not a particularly easy client to work with.  I frequently have to reschedule training sessions at the last minute, I have had to miss three of training due to sickness and I don't take well to being told what to do, or being 'pushed'. Charity has been able to achieve a balance between motivating me to go to my limits while not provoking a rebellion.  This has been possible because I always feel respected and 'heard'.  Furthuremore, as a result of Charity's careful monitoring and constant attention to correct form, I have always felt safe to push myself well beyond the point at which I would otherwise have given up.


When I started this program my goals were to lose some weight, tone up, have more energy and be healthier.  Despite my difficulties in keeping up a regular schedule, I have made significant and noticeable progress in all areas.  I can now fit into clothes which I had given up hopes of ever wearing again.  Many people have commented on my improved appearance.  My energy level and overall feeling of fitness has improved beyond anything I dared hope for and the stress relief of exercising has enabled me to cling onto sanity despite the pressures of the work I do.


In summary, working with Charity during the last four months has had a positive effect in every area of my life, and I can now look forward to the rest of this year, confident of continued improvement."
David Schmitz-Binnal


“I am very excited about the weight and inches I have lost since beginning my fitness journey with Charity.  My workout trainer, Charity has been a Godsend.  I work with her 2-3 times a week and workout out on my own 3-4 more times each week.  I always look forward to working with Charity--she will push me and encourage me all at the same time.  She is persistent, an inspiration, and can be very demanding.  At the same time, Charity is always straight with me--telling me exactly where I stand in regard to reaching my goals.  She is realistic about the things I can currently do and how they relate to my goals.  I appreciate the encouragement and harassment that Charity deals out to me--she keeps me coming back for more.  At times, she has more faith in me than I do.


I know I have a long road ahead to achieve the goals I've set, and it will require hard work and vigilance.  That is never easy, but with the results I've seen so far, I know it is attainable."
Carol Gutierrez


“Before stating to workout with Charity, the only link to doing any cardiovascular activity was sitting on my horses back while she ran.  With years of bad eating habits (my family calls it starvation) and reaching the age of lets just say mature woman.  I didn't like the way gravity was shaping my body.  Charity changed all that.  Together with her motivation skills, exercise plan and diet (I like to refer to as torture) just kidding.  Not only did she reshape my figure that gravity and age was desperately trying to destroy, I'm healthy.  I was unable to do a pushup before but now I can.  I couldn't run before but now I can. I had no energy before but now I have.  I had 28.8% body fat, now I don't.  Presently I'm in better shape in body and soul, then I have in my lifetime.  Charity is responsible for making that happen.


Without Charity's distinguished inner insight to be able to set realistic goals that I felt I could reach and achieve.  Odds are in favor that I would be sitting at home most likely watching TV wondering why I started working out to begin with.  I found training with Charity invigorating, entertaining, and extremely inspirational."
Margaret Tejada


“We would like to let you know how pleased we have been, working with our personal trainer, Charity.  We moved here in May from New Jersey, and when we signed up we had the opportunity to receive 6 weeks with a personal trainer that was provided, free of charge.  We feel we were very lucky in getting Charity as our trainer.  She seems to be extremely knowledgeable in this field, taught us a great deal about proper weight training techniques, motivated us to do more than we thought we could do, and always was so pleasnat and friendly.  We think she is a real asset to have as our trainer."
Charles and Pat Gerber (Both 89 years young)


"She has been the Recreation Supervisor for Tongue Point Job Corps Center (TPJCC) for over 6 years.  TPJCC is a residential training program for youth adults, ages 16 to 24 years of age.  Many of our students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and often need additional support to achieve success in this program.  The staff in the Health and Wellness department rely on her expertise for students needing individualized physical and nutrition education.

Many of the positive changes on our Center are due to the ideas proposed by Ms. Lickfold.  She has implemented exercise programs tailored to student needs and has had tremendous success in the weight management program.  She realized many students avoided exercising with their peers, so she began the "Move for 50" weight loss program dedicated to students referred by wellness staff.  She has trained over 300 students each year in this specialized class.  She developed a wellness and exercise program for students with a substance use history.  All students who have participated in her program have successfully passed their subsequent drug screening.  Ms. Lickfold is an active participant of the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles (HEALS) committee.  She received high ratings for her contributions to the HEALS program and her department's cooperation with Wellness and Food Services during the most recent assessment by the Department of Labor."

Marion Oja, RN, BSN, Health and Wellness Manager


"Charity is a very valuable member of staff at our residential school here in Astoria, Oregon and provides many services and much support to the 500 students in the areas of physical education, fitness and training, nutrition counseling, and life coaching.

Charity has worked with groups and individuals students (and staff members) to tailor programs that are effective for all levels of ability and motivation.  Her personal discipline, encouragement, professional advice and exceptional knowledge have produced excellent results.

In addition, to the board range of recreation activities and programs Charity has developed, of exceptional note is a very successful Weight Loss and Nutrition Education program for students, many who have special needs, disabilities, and chronic medical conditions.  The very popular program has had remarkable results and provides students with essential tools and knowledge they need to live healthy lives when they leave the school.

Charity leads by example and is passionate and knowledgeable about health and wellness.  She is a great resource of knowledge for our students as well as for our Health and Wellness Department."

Alison Thomason, Nursing Supervisor

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