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Lean Tissue and Aerobic Exercise

How many people have heard that aerobic and cardiovascular exercise breaks down the lean tissue in the body? So, just because you hear it must be right! Avoid aerobic and cardiovascular exercise to get the best out of your workout.

Well that information is incorrect. Aerobic exercise (exercise with oxygen) should be a vital part of your regular fitness program. Aerobic exercise is not only helping you burn calories, but it is also using the most important muscle in the entire body - Your Heart!

While the heart is pumping blood throughout the body you are increasing the amount of oxygen and it also increases the size of your blood vessels in your body. The blood vessels supply oxygen to the tissues including the rest of the muscles in your body. Additionally, oxygen carries out all the waste products to help with the recovery and growth of the tissue.

So, what type of cardiovascular activity is best for you and your goals? Running, jogging and jumping rope are all examples of high impact aerobics and may tend to break down muscle tissue, burn more calories. Additionally, with the presence of an improper nutrition program may lead to muscle loss. Walking, cycling, and stair climbing are examples of non-impact to low or low impact cardiovascular activities that will potentially minimize the breakdown of the muscle tissue.

What is your goal? Determining what your ultimate goals are, such as weight loss, body fat loss, or gaining lean body mass, will help you determine which type of cardiovascular exercise is the best to help you reach your goals. Choosing a cardiovascular exercise is important to choose a type of exercise that you will enjoy and will not cause boredom. Boredom will make it difficult to gain the buy-in to do cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is really beneficial performed for a minimum of 20 minutes. A slow, steady, and long duration program will achieve greater fat loss results when done on a regular and consistent basis.

There is another helpful hint to get the biggest bang for your cardiovascular exercise to achieve faster results. Complete your cardiovascular/aerobic activity first thing in the morning prior to breakfast with plenty of water. Since your body has been burning calories during the nights' sleep, body fat will be utilized as energy in the absence of glycogen in the blood stream.

The muscle tissue in your body is vitally important for longevity and ultimate weight control. So, incorporating cardiovascular exercise and a regular weight training program into your daily routine, you can add years to your life and life to your years.


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