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Why is it important to choose a Qualified Personal Trainer?

I have had the opportunity to contract with several different clubs over my 27 years in the personal training industry. I have pretty much heard every excuse known to man/woman why a person doesn't want to work with a personal trainer. One of the toughest reasons I hear is that they worked with a trainer in the past but was injured due to neglect of the trainer's knowledge, monitoring, and experience. As a Licensed Medical Fitness Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, it is heart-breaking! Individual's place their faith and trust in the personal trainer but end up getting hurt due to an error on the trainer from lack of education, experience, and over-sight.

COVID has brought out many people claiming to be personal trainers and offering online/virtual/remote training to people across the world without proper education or training certifications. Additionally, some clubs may not even confirm a trainer's education and training so they can provide a service to their members. What does this mean for the individual looking for a trainer? This means there is no time like the present to make sure you do your due diligence on the trainer. Ask to see their current certificates. Personal training certificates have expiration dates. Personal trainers are required to renew their training certificates every two years, maintain an active CPR/First Aid/AED certificate, and complete continuing education courses to stay active. Believe it or not there is still the belief out there that once you take a personal training certificate you don't need to continue to renew it because you know the information. That is NOT true! The fitness industry just like many other industries is always being studied for body movement, exercise, cardiovascular, health outcomes, and even proper lifting or form techniques. Personal training certificate renewal requires trainers to take that continuing education to stay up with changes happening in the industry.

I will be the first to tell you that after being a trainer for over 27 years, there has been several changes to the techniques and movement of the body during exercise. Why may you ask has there been changes? Simply put, that the medical studies about stress on joints during lifting and exercise have been proven to be better and safer methods. Stay safe by choosing a trainer with the knowledge and experience to help keep you safe and injury free as you reach you fitness goals.

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