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Is Personal Training for You?

The biggest problem that people as of today struggle with is the lack of self-motivation to go to the gym. People can be growing out of their jeans and that is not enough to light a fire under their bottom to get off the couch and workout. Instead, many people don’t get involved in an exercise routine until they are forced to by the doctor. Close your eyes: picture yourself at the doctor’s office and the doctor just informed you that you are over 45, overweight, and have high cholesterol. These are the three primary risk factors for heart disease. Then all of the sudden, they are beating down the door of the nearest personal trainer in town screaming, “Help Me!”

Over the past 7-9 years, personal training has become very popular. Many people used to believe that personal training was only available for those that are rich and famous, but that is not the case anymore. Most people have a career, which does not allow enough time to get regular workouts in ~ mostly due to poor time management, but put that aside. This is why working with a personal trainer is the best choice.

As of today, personal training in now much more affordable for the average person with an income between $25,000-$45,000 a year. Though, personal training is still not cheap! In all honesty, anything that will get you up and moving towards a healthier lifestyle is well worth the money!! There is absolutely no better investment then investing in your own health. Picture this: You bought a brand new $50,000 car right off the showroom floor! How long would your car last you if you didn’t change the oil, check the fluids, take in it for tune-ups, replace the tires, and balance the tires? Not long at all. Your brand new vehicle would be broken down or have a blown engine. Now, think about this brand new car is your body. If you don’t eat right, get plenty of exercise, monitor the functions of your body will break down, develop chronic diseases, or worse. The average half hour training session ranges from $30-$75. Of course, there are trainers out there cheaper, but cheaper does not mean a better option. Good quality, qualified, and experience comes from personal trainers that take what they do seriously. What does this mean for the client? This means that the personal trainer stays current on certifications, continuing education, and a solid understanding how the human body works.

The first steps you need to do is ask yourself ~ “What exactly is a personal trainer and how do you know they are qualified?” If you are going to hire a personal trainer they should be certified or hold a degree with sufficient knowledge of the human body, how it works, understands nutritional information or background, and also exercises themselves. It is important that you make sure the trainer has the ability to meet your personal needs ~ whatever that might be! Meeting with a trainer it is important to emphasize an old injury, diseases such as diabetes, asthma, or any hereditary factors that could hinder your progress forward toward your goals. Qualified personal trainers understand how to monitor and work with these conditions. Once the trainer has met these criteria, then the trainer can prepare a workout specifically for you to reach your optimal health and fitness goals.

What is the difference of working out with a friend that has experience of working out or working with a personal trainer? Asking friends for advice about fitness and nutrition since they are already active seems like one of the easiest ways to start your process. Unfortunately, if your friend is not certified or have a degree to work with the human body, you risk getting injured. Following inadequate nutritional advice can also lead to possible problems. The advantages of working with someone that is certified or has a degree will be familiar with the human body, the movement of muscles, chronic diseases and how they affect the body, and of course all the DO’s and DON’Ts! Qualified certified personal trainers are licensed and insured as well.


  1. Motivation ~ The name of the game is Consistency. To keep you consistent and give you the incentives to keep you going and dedicated to your fitness plan.

  2. Form/Guidance ~ Many people injure themselves trying to workout on their own. This can lead to discouragement and ultimately failure in your plan. A trainer will guide you through your exercises showing you proper technique and teaching you how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

  3. Maximizing time with results ~ A personal trainer will maximize your hour that might otherwise be wasted wondering what to do next. Many people do not get the results they want, so they quit.


* assessment of goals

* body fat analysis ~ not every session

* girth measurements ~ not every session

* cardiovascular conditioning

* muscular conditioning with machine and free weights

* circuit training if needed

* stretching for flexibility

* pain prevention

* sport ~ specific training if needed

* pre/postnatal training

* post rehabilitation (only for specific type clients)

If you are the person that is having a hard time getting motivated to workout, you find it boring, you have reached a plateau, or just spinning your wheels and no results ~ You are a prime candidate for a personal trainer.

Schedule a consultation to determine if you and your potential personal trainer are a good fit for each other:


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