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Training Sessions or Training Solution Packages?

Are you considering purchasing personal training? You may hear trainers talk about training sessions, but you may not have heard a trainer talk about training solutions. Training sessions and training solutions both work with a trainer? Is there really any difference? Well, just like working with different trainers there is a difference.

Personal training sessions are just that sessions. You may get sessions or training session with little education. The difference of personal training solution is that the trainer takes your goals, starting point, fitness experience, medical concerns, eating habits, and time constraints and build you a personal training solution package. The client will get a full 24/7 training program solution to successfully reach his or her goals.

Statistically, a person can lose an average of 50 to 100 lbs in a year. That is based on losing 1 to 2 pounds per week which is considered a safe weight loss. This requires the client to follow the fitness solution program to have the highest success. A qualified personal trainer will offer solution training packages that cover you 24/7 because it's not just about the training session, it's about providing the solution to make life and behavior changes. Personal training solutions include the time you are away from your trainer to help you stay on track to your individual goals. Training solutions are back by a trainer guarantee whereas training sessions often do not come with a guarantee. Training solutions are the best and proven way to obtain the most out of your program with your trainer.

So, when you are ready to take control of your life and your health. Find a qualified personal trainer that can offer you training solutions and not just sessions.

The training solutions I offer are called Transformation (12 month program), Enthusiastic (6 month program), and Health Seeker (3 month program). If you are serious about reaching your goals and changing your life for the better then let‘s talk. Let’s build your training solution to reach your goals.

These solutions include nutrition program, fitness program to follow, one-on-one training, motivation, encouragement, and continual guidance as you move through your program.


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